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Our mission is to become an internationally present business in the technology sector. For that, we offer consulting services and software development. We advise our customers, offer the best software solution and apply our knowledge to provide a quality service.



Our vision is to become a leading business in the TIC sector, both in a national and international scale. We provide projects with excellent quality and scalability, by utilising the latest technology and experts in the sector. In summary, we take your business to the next level.



We are a passionate team able to create anything; by taking advantage of good ideas and transforming them into real products. We help improve our customers businesses and through effort and hard work, we satisfy all their needs.

Advice and develop services

We make your projects come true

Our great team

They are able to make everything they propose.

Sergio Terrada García

CEO & Co-Founder

Software engineering technician, mobile app development master, entrepreneur and business accelarator

Always staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and assigning great development teams, Sergio ensures the best quality final product.

Luis Gil García

Full Stack Developer & Co-Founder

Software engineering technician.

Defined as a geeky lover of new technologies, also known as the ‘architect’ of code.

Give him a screen and a full bar WIFI connection and you will make his day.

Carlos Pérez Núñez

Android Manager & Co-Founder

Telecommunication engineering technician.

He likes clean code and research the Android bowel. He gives hardiness to each Android app, burnishing each code line.

He doesn’t like static classes.

Kike Domingo Bayarri

Interactive Designer

Web design degree and master.

Enterprise, ambitious and innovate person, who is a knowledge person on internet world. He is digital designer of web interface and he has a lot of passion for the digital and education world.

He has been awarded from by agencies and newspaper because of his work.

Maru Cruz

Creative Director

Graphic Designer
Degree un creative design and illustration

She believes that she can make a difference with right strategy and design.

Miguel Cortell Belda

Digital Marketing Director

Computing Systems Engineer. Digital Marketing and Web Analytics Master’s Degree.